Electrical wiring works

Our wiring enterprise is ready to fulfill wiring works starting from the project of the system of building electricity supply to the commissioning of project with further guarantee services.

“ARSAN” company has been providing wiring works since 2000. The experience of works and professionalism of our specialists can secure the quality of wiring works during all process starting with project, wiring works and commissioning of project.

While making wiring works, we use the equipment of popular European producers of wiring equipment, such as DEVI, Eaton, OBO Bettermann, Legrand.

All wiring equipment has a quality certificate and corresponds Ukrainian standards.

The enterprise is specialized in the following directions:

  • installation and projecting of internal power supply
  • ALT and UPS installation
  • lighting projecting and installation of face building
  • grounding installation
  • mounting and wiring of panel equipment

Regular professional studying and upgrade qualifications of enterprise employees let us develop dynamically and enhance the positions on wiring market.

Engineering staff of the company retrains constantly and we vouch for the professionalism of our colleagues.