Fire-alarm system

Automatic installation of fire-alarm systems with the development of modern technologies is an indispensable part of buildings of commercial and civil designation. The main target of fire-alarm systems is timely prevention of possible body of fire for prevention of fire extension and its location.

Automatic installation of fire-alarm system for each construction is individual one and that’s why such a work demands professional analysis and approach.

Automatic installation of fire-alarm system (depending on a version and a type of device) cooperates with other automatic systems of a building, such as:

  • ventilation and air conditioning system
  • fire fighting system
  • human evacuation system
  • access control systems, automatic control of gates, etc.

Our qualified specialists will help you to select a necessary type of fire-alarm system depending on your object, the complex of systems on full-sized functioning of automatic installation of fire-alarm system will let you to be sure in the protection of your building against fire destruction. We work only with certified equipment which was inspected in the Emergencies Ministry and which is recommended on the territory of Ukraine.

Fire-alarm systems work during 24 hours without an intrusion of a human factor that considerably raises the efficiency and security of the protected object. If you apply to our company you will get an individual approach on development of technical task, fire-alarm system projecting, project evaluation and system installation.