The grounding of a house, an office, a technologic mounting, the equipment or an object is an essential part of a technologic process. Ground loop of a cottage is also necessary for safe sustenance of a building. Grounding isn’t only the protection of electric equipment, but also the security of a human life.

As a rule, there are two types of a ground loop according to the European standard iec 62305. Following the classification, it is a ground of A type and B type.

Let’s look in details:

  • A type ground is a combination of horizontal and vertical ground wires beyond the protected object.
  • B type ground is an external ring circuit of a ground buried on 4/5 of its whole length. Also foundation ground wire refers to this type.
  • Foundation ground wire is buried in concrete plinth while it is mounting. You can read more detailed information at our website.

You have to contact projecting or mounting organization to choose necessary ground loop of an object. Deep well grounded, ring or foundation ground will be selected according to the classification of your object.