Heat-insulated floor

Electric under floor heating is good alternative to traditional heating system. Under floor heating system DEVI consists of special heating cables, which are laid into concrete sandy underlayment or in the layer of brick glue, temperature controllers and temperature sensors.

DEVI heating cables distribute evenly the warm on the floor surface that prevents chaotic air circulation in the premise and considerably raises thermal comfort. DEVI temperature controllers let to minimize the necessity of human intrusion into the process of comfort temperature regulation and to reduce essentially electric energy consumption.

DEVI company exists since 1942 and is acknowledged as a world leader in production of electric cable heating systems. DEVI production is sold in more than 100 countries all over the world and certified as ISO 9001; ISO 14001; ISO 18001.

You can buy DEVI heat-insulated floor in our company, which is an official DEVI dealer in Kyiv. The price for heat-insulated floor is democratic one enough. The engineers of our company will help you to select appropriate system configuration, taking into account your necessities and possibilities and our wiremen will quickly and properly mount it.

DEVI company ensures reliable work of heating cables during 20 years and temperature controllers during 5 years. If you buy DEVI heat-insulated floor, you will get total warranty. It means that not only repair works or equipment replacement would be done free of charge, but all expenses connected with it, would be reimbursed.