One of the directions of “ARSAN” company is the service on internal networks projecting and coordination of projected documentation and also receiving of a certificate of acceptance.

Projecting of objects’ electric supply

The specialists of the company will make a project of internal electric supply accordingly to the acting standards of Ukraine Projecting of internal power supply of buildings and constructions is made on the basis of the following documents:

  • technical task on the projecting from the customer
  • real technical conditions of cable networks
  • design project of lighting position and its characteristics
  • lighting guidance
  • arrangement of home electrical appliances, their characteristics
  • architecture with room schedule
  • tasks on projecting from contiguous engineering companies on connection of engineering systems
  • technical task for projecting- the scheme of allocation of technical equipment (for production)

As a rule, electrification project includes following chapters:

  • technical task
  • explanatory note
  • calculation of electric load
  • common data on working wiring drawing
  • technological plan of electric equipment allocation and the scheme of cable trends
  • wiring diagrams of distribution devices
  • elementary electric network diagrams
  • cable properties table (when required)
  • specification of materials
  • technical task on assembly work of panel equipment