Lightning protection

Lightning protection is a complex of protective measures that ensure maximum reduction of risks against influence of atmospheric lightning demonstration.

Annually it is registered more than one billion of lightning strokes and this tendency has been growing over last years. Lightning electric discharges can discharge like cloud-cloud or like cloud-earth. The last not only threatens a human life, but it can seriously damage a building and equipment situated in it.

  • Only system approach in lightning protection can assure maximum security
  • External lightning protection, which consists of conductors and divertors
  • Ground loop of a building
  • Equalizing potentials system
  • Protection against peak overvoltage

Lightning protection system should be projected according to the State Standards of Ukraine EN 62305 and the State Standards of Ukraine Б В.2.5- 38:2008, which are valid on the territory of Ukraine.

The choice of lightning protection category according to the State Standards of Ukraine EN 62305 can be done after the evaluation of risks, looked through in chapter 2 of the State Standard of Ukraine EN 62305-2. The system is projecting on the basis of the coefficient of lightning protection risk taking into account the system of external lightning protection, equalizing potentials and protection against overvoltage.