Video monitoring

Our company offers modern video control systems, which permit remote monitoring or review the records of your video control system at any time of the day and in any place of the world.

Video control systems can work combined with entryphones or automatic opening gates systems, they will create comfort and security on private territory in the countryside as well as at the parking near the office. So, you won’t need leaving the remote control of the gates or the key of the wicket door, it will be enough to send a message or use one of the applications for Android or iOS systems.

Video monitoring system will let you to review the events of the guarded object as in the real time, so in the recording mode.

In order to reproduce the event, there is no need to look through the whole period of record and you can use the function of video monitoring system - «alarm recording mode».

So, if you need video monitoring system to ensure comfort and give weighty arguments in disputable situations, our specialists will find an individual approach to a given task and they settle the questions dealing with the installation of video monitoring system.