Snow melting systems

deviSnow and ice melting systems on the roof and on the opened grounds from “DEVI” company are designed to secure the movement of people and transport in the places of sleet on the roads and on the roofs (icicles). Besides that, they are used to protect the buildings. Snow and ice melting system will protect a drainback system against freezing that will prevent the accumulation of sleet, destruction and leak of the roof.

The most frequently snow and ice melting systems DEVI are mounted on the pavements, perrons, wheelchair ramps and embarking ramps. Also they are used on the places of the roof where the formation of sleet is possible.

Snow and ice melting system consists of resistible or self-regulating DEVI heating cables, “Devireg” temperature controllers and different wiring elements.

Snow and ice melting systems from “DEVI” company are considerably cost-efficient. The existence of highly-sensitive humidity and precipitation sensors permit to reach the maximum working efficiency with minimum energy demands.

Snow and ice melting system is calculated individually for each object. System capacity is selected according to the geographic situation and the demands of the system (the speed of snow and ice melting).

The systems with a capacity of 250÷400 W\sqm are usually installed in Ukraine.